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The Poet & The Widow

An Unending Love

This is the first of two books that I have read that were written by my editor, Jennifer Sweete. I wanted to get to know her as much as possible as long as I was putting together the most important writing of my life. Also, I knew we would be spending many hours together during the editing process.

Jennifer is much more than just an editor, (not that that wouldn't be enough!), she is the support I so badly needed while opening my heart up for the world to see. Patient, Talented, Gifted. That's Jennifer all right.

Jennifer Sweete's youth is spelled out in her memoir. She also gifts us with some of her poetry in it. And one of her musical creations, as well. The story of the loss of her young husband and father of her children is only softened with the knowledge that love goes on forever, and there are lessons at every turn.

If it gets under your skin
Burns through your soul
Carves out your heart
Then again makes you whole
It can only be LOVE.

Excerpt from The Poet & The Widow by Jennifer Sweete

I feel blessed in having connected with Jennifer. It was all by chance, and yet things were put into place for me to end up contacting her. A fellow high school classmate, Diane Ferguson, had written her memoir, Undertow, which I had discovered on FaceBook. After reading Diane's memoir, I contacted her to get information on the whole process.She was kind enough to put me in touch with Jennifer, and I am ever so grateful for that.

Reading Jennifer's memoir will help you get to know a dear soul. A kindred spirit.


© Doris Clark, ___________ 2019


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