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A Piece of the World - Book Review

By Christina Baker Kline

Erik Larson says that “A Piece of the World is an imagined fictional memoir of the woman in the Wyeth painting Christina’s World.That is what caught my eye. Having a love for Andrew Wyeth’s art and in particular this painting, prompted me to pick up this book. It propelled me on a journey through time to a remote farm that sits on the coast of Maine in the early 20th century. Living what would be considered a small life, Wyeth’s “Christina” played host and inspiration for him when he came to paint. A bleak existence was transformed whenever the painter came to work. Fascinated with his lifestyle, it would brighten Christina’s days.

Kline writes eloquently about a troubled and yet indifferent young woman. A heartbreaking story that kept me riveted to each page. The details are such that it makes it easy to envision the scenes as they play out. Her descriptions of the landscape paint a clear picture for the reader.

I thoroughly enjoyed traveling through young Christina’s daily routines as she progressed into and through adulthood. This wonderfully crafted story satisfies not only those who delight in reading fiction, but also appeals to anyone who loves memoirs.

“The twists and turns of your life can be so unexpected, and that's a good thing to learn.” – Christina Baker Kline

I highly recommend A Piece of the World. Christina Baker Kline is a gifted writer. I look forward to reading her other novels, especially Orphan Train.

© Doris Clark, March 2019


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