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On Aging

Aging is a mystery to me. Just when, and how, does it all happen? I look in the mirror and can see the physical changes. I look within and see how the years have brought out compassion, and, hopefully, a little wisdom with it.

I have to acknowledge, whether I like it or not, that this body doesn’t care for living at the same pace as it once did.

But how did it all happen? Did one night, while I was sleeping, a switch get flipped? Sometimes it seems so.

And yet, there are other times it feels like it has all sneaked up on me. A little gray here, a little gray there. Long walks don’t come as easily as they once did. Getting up after sitting on the floor can now be considered a hardship. These things I know didn’t happen overnight. The gray hair coming in gradually is a symbol for all of it, I think. I didn’t just all of a sudden not be able to get up off of the floor. Slower walks came to be the norm after becoming exhausted from a faster pace.

Whereas, I struggle at times to accept the aches and pains that come with getting older, I have no real desire to be younger. There is something that comes with the added years that I cherish. It doesn’t mean life has become easier. There will always be concerns of everyday life, however, how they are handled can change if you allow it. Maybe my thinking has slowed down because I’m getting older, but, it also means that most of the racing thoughts of youth have subsided, thankfully. Slowing down can mean better ways of solving problems whether they be of the physical world or more on the emotional side.

The joy of seeing my children and grandchildren is immense. Watching children mature could be cause for negativity, however, I choose to enjoy the view. It may mean I’m getting older, but the hard work of motherhood has paid off. And grandchildren? I am so happy for the opportunity to experience the sensation. Becoming a grandmother never made me feel old. It was like life began again.

How we choose to look at life affects everything we do. I choose to see the beauty of watching a grandson’s first steps, and then those same steps take him into adulthood. Noticing all of the changes in society doesn’t always agree with me, and yet, they are a part of my children’s and grandchildren’s future, therefore, it is important to understand them.

Nothing will ever take away or replace the memories I carry with me. I would never want them to. Good and bad, they have led me to where I am today – content.

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.”

Lori Deschene

Don’t count the days.

Make the days count.

Mohammed Ali

Until next time, dear friends,


Doris Clark


© Doris Clark, May 2021


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1 Comment

May 25, 2021

Doris, aging no longer is strictly about our physical limitations. We choose our own motivations to remain actively engaged. Your writing skills are a great example. Reflections of life through children or grandchildren helps keep us all young at heart and mind.

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