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Special Moments

We all have those special moments with our children and grandchildren that we hold dear. Moments that stand out among all of the moments shared with them.

I remember when my son Chuck was about three years old he wanted to help put the groceries away. After I gave him the soap to put in the bathroom it became quiet. I decided I better check on him. Upon walking into the tub area I saw his little smile. He was so proud of himself. Here he had unwrapped and lined up all eight bars of soap along the ledge of the bathtub so they would be easy to use. It made me smile and warmed my heart.

My daughter, Janet, has always been inquisitive. One time when I was sewing she wanted to see what I was doing. I told her she could sit on my lap and watch for a bit, but only if she sat very still. She listened. After climbing up on my lap, she did sit still with her arms down along her sides. She watched and listened to the sewing machine stitch and whir. She may have gotten her joy for sewing that day. It pleases me that she continues to sew, creating a dress or top, or a gift for someone. And she’s very good at it!

My youngest, Mike, could be a sensitive kid at times. I remember a time when he was about five that something happened when he was out playing with his friends and he got upset. Coming in with tears on his cheeks I did my best to console him. He reached up and put his arms around my neck and hugged me tightly saying, “I love you, mom.” Talk about a moment that stays with you!

And so when my grandson, Charlie, was born, I anticipated new moments in life. The kind that last forever. I have tried to capture on paper one of the days that a moment happened.

The children’s book I wrote, Charlie Goes for Blue Goo, is about an adventure that Charlie and I had when he was a young boy. I remember thinking and feeling at the time that I was experiencing one of those special moments

I decided to put this day into book form and give it to Charlie as his Christmas gift. There were a few snags in completing it for printing, however, there are now mock-ups for Charlie, and to send off to agents in the hopes that one of them will notice. But, if they don’t, that’s okay too, because Charlie will have it and maybe some day in the future he might read it to his children.

I included photos of the front cover and a couple of the pages to give you an idea of the story. Maybe it will get you wondering what Blue Goo is too!

Enjoy your week!

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.”

Lori Deschene

Don’t count the days.

Make the days count.

Mohammed Ali

Until next time, dear friends,


Doris Clark


© Doris Clark, March, 2021


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