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Refinishing Project Part Deux

This started off as my Coronavirus project. Whereas, I still love the project itself, I will no longer be linking it to Coronavirus. That’s just too depressing.

The table and chairs are coming along nicely. The coat of Anne Sloan Clear Wax followed by two coats of her White Wax for a Lime Wash have made the finish feel silky smooth. The “aged” look it attained has such character due to the authentic cherry finish.

Here are before and after pictures:

Once the wax cures, the table and chairs will have a hard finish that will be easy to clean. The curing time takes several weeks. Many people don’t want to wait for it, however I don’t mind. It is easy to just let it sit. The only ones wanting to use it are my two cats.

The next stage is putting a coat of Clear Wax on the painted areas immediately followed with a coat of Anne Sloan Dark Wax. The dark wax will give the paint color depth and a unique look due to the combination of the two.

The Anne Sloan Waxes are creamy and easy to work with. I have been using the Clear, White, and Dark Waxes. There is also a Blackened Wax available. I get all of my Anne Sloan supplies at DeLucca Designs in Affordable Antiques and More in Naperville, IL. They are the only store in this area to carry her products. Their phone number is 630-505-1463.

The paint color I chose was a Sherwin Williams color called Windsor Greige. It is very close to an Anne Sloan color, Country Grey, that I love. I mixed my own chalk paint this time as it gave me a chance to use up what chalk paint ingredients I already had. You can view Anne Sloan paint colors on her website.

I originally was thinking of selling the set on Marketplace, but I can’t seem to part with it. Except for the bar stools. Those I will have up for sale when they are completely cured.

It is a joy working with fine wood. The grain of Cherry is beautiful. The silky finish is much smoother than I could have hoped for.

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.”

Lori Deschene

I am hoping for the best for our country and wish I could put my arms around Mother Earth in a big hug. We need to heal.

Until next time, enjoy life. Over the years I learned how to enjoy life through dark personal times. This is no different really.

Don’t count the days.

Make the days count.

Mohammed Ali

Until next time, dear friends,


Doris Clark


© Doris Clark, July, 2020


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